Griffith’s Wawasee Marina your home for a whaler since 1983.

If you own a Boston Whaler and are lucky enough to boat on or near Lake Wawasee, chances are you have been to Griffith’s. Stop in and see all the latest styles and colors Boston Whaler has to offer!

Boston Whaler crafts the safest, easiest to own, most exciting boats on the water. Since the company’s founding more than 60 years ago, Whaler has conceived and built peerless designs that meet boaters’ diverse and changing needs. Only Whaler can bring you an innovative, impeccably made boat that is engineered for maximum enjoyment and dependability. Only Whaler can bring you THE UNSINKABLE LEGEND.

It began with founder Richard Fisher’s inspired new construction method, devising a foam-injected hull that literally would not sink (not even after being sawed in half!). That spirit continues today, in a storied lineup of boats ranging from 11 to 42 feet. True to Fisher’s vision, Boston Whaler’s tight-knit team consistently pushes the envelope, furthering advances in manufacturing, design, navigation and propulsion technologies.

The ultimate goal for every Boston Whaler is to provide a boating experience that feels like second nature. Features and options are chosen purposefully; layouts have an innate logic; performance and handling are precise and predictable. Whalers are designed to be lower-maintenance, meaning more time on the water. When you purchase a Boston Whaler from Griffith’s Wawasee Marina, you’re getting a boat built to last.

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