We encourage everyone to participate in our SERVICE INTERVAL PROGRAM. This allows us to routinely change the necessary consumable parts, and keep you boating with peace of mind throughout the season.

Every time we’re in the boat we inspect from bow to stern with a KEEN FOCUS on SAFETY-RELATED SYSTEMS. We keep you safe. We keep you boating.

We match the QUALITY OF OUR SERVICE with the PARTS THAT WE USE. We install O.E.M. parts on all of the engines we service. When it comes to accessories, we source all of our vendors for the best products available. 

You can REST ASSURED that your GWM serviced boat has the BEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY to operate flawlessly throughout the season.

From the nav. light to the prop, our FACTORY TRAINED & CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS have you covered. We have 76 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE at our lakefront location servicing all engines and boat manufacturers. If it’s meant to be on the water, WE CAN KEEP IT THERE!